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Itunes match button greyed out

1) On my PC, if I go to the Main Menu > iTunes Store > iTunes Match is greyed out. Even though I have double checked my account, and I am. On my work PC I cannot get iTunes Match to "Add This Computer". I press the button and it gets greyed out but never scans my library or. I'd suggest turning off iTunes match (under the store menue), then turning it on. had the greyed out download button after restarting itunes.

One of the common iTunes Match problems is some of the songs are grayed out and can't be played. Here are several possible solutions. Just discovered that iTunes greyed out your favorite songs? Delete that grayed out album from your library and add it back from the Apple Music catalog With iTunes Match, all your iCloud stored music is available to you. For no reason, my iTunes Match songs stored in the cloud are grayed out and I'm not able to play them. What may be causing this problem?.

If you experience the problem of iTunes songs greyed out and found o. With iTunes Match, all your iCloud stored music is available to you at any time on up to . If you find some of your favorite songs grayed out and unable to play them on you have a couple of solutions—either upgrade to iTunes Match or subscribe to. This is likely because iTunes Match is enabled on your MacBook Air under the same Apple ID your purchased it on and configured it for on your. Some iTunes songs are grayed out and unplayable in the Sonos listing out and unplayable from my iPhone App. Same iTunes Match library.

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