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JonDonym offers high speed anonymous proxy servers and anonymous surfing. It can hide your IP address. You can avoid censorship and publish you opinion. You may use JonDonym for free too, but free mix cascades are restricted. Full speed and anonymisation features you will get only with a premium account. Java Anon Proxy, also known as JAP or JonDonym, is a proxy system designed to allow browsing the Web with revocable pseudonymity. It was originally.

Combining Whonix with JonDonym. JonDonym over Tor. Connecting to Tor before JonDonym (User -> Tor -> JonDonym -> Internet) OR. IP check. Warning: Your IP address is neither anonymized by JonDonym nor by Tor. Start the test for details. I think JonDonym is subject to the same law enforcement issues as Tor. Namely, Tor relay nodes and JonDo mix operators fall under the.

I have JavaScript turned off, and so no leakage of screen resolution to fingerprint testing tool. However, JonDonym's one - ip-check. info - has. The latest Tweets from JonDonym (@JonDonym). JonDos is a start up in the IT Security business. We want to keep our customers updated and get linked with. Index Terms—Dark web; Tor; I2P; JonDonym; traffic classification; anonymity; privacy; security. and JonDonym (formerly known as Java Anon Proxy, JAP, or.

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