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Keroro resonance

25 Jan - 15 sec - Uploaded by yugiboy85 The resonance with the five frogs!!!! Keroro resonance x5. yugiboy Loading Unsubscribe. 8 Jan - 10 sec - Uploaded by KeroroGunso FacebookPage We havent seen some video where Keroro and the platoon resonance alone with no other. 16 Jul - 40 sec - Uploaded by Kiyichichi Downloaded this little ROM of "Keroro Gunso: Enshū da Yo! Zenin Shūgō" and was.

Only Pururu and Keroro have been seen using it alone, moreover she revealed that resonance has the ability to fix broken things, as she did restoring Keroro's. The Keroro Platoon leaves on a flea-extermination mission. Things don't go as —Resonance has been revived! New readers. The episodes of the Sgt. Frog anime series, originally titled as Keroro Gunso, is a Japanese Keroro Platoon, Big Resonance!" "Keroro Shōtai zekkōchō! de.

Chekhov's Skill: The Great Resonance, which the Keroro Platoon discovers completely by accident in episode , is used to power up the God Keron's final . An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. done resonance with the frogs before (Natsusu and Fuyuyu) but the rest I see his lack of motivation to push himself like a parallel to Keroro.

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