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Planet sheen

Planet Sheen is an American CGI animated television series. It is the second spin -off of the film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. The series was picked up for. Sheen Estevez, our protagonist, despite a warning from his friend Jimmy Neutron about a button on his ship presses it to see what happens. He finds himself on. Planet Sheen is the second TV series in the Jimmy Neutron franchise and currently the last Nicktoon to be produced by O Entertainment. The series premiered.

The Planet Sheen theme song first appeared in the series' second episode. Lyrics Sheen: Sheen, Do Not Push This Button! Dogs like cheese, cows like. A description of tropes appearing in Planet Sheen. A Spin-Off of the Jimmy Neutron franchise, and the 29th Nicktoon overall. One day, Sheen sneaks into Jimmy. Watch Planet Sheen online. Stream episodes and clips of Planet Sheen instantly.

Blast off for comedy with Season 1 of Planet Sheen! Jimmy Neutron's pal lands on Planet Zeenu and tries to stop a swarm of wedgie-giving barbarians.

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