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Swtor patch faster

Faster Download Speed *ACTUALLY WORKS* General Discussion. http://www 7 days free sub + a free character. For quite some time I have been having slow patching, I can't even KB/s, which is not max, but almost 8x faster than it's ever been:D. TL;DR. every one is having slow speed when downloading swtor even though only some have early It slows down every one some patches are faster then other.

So I've been updating SWTOR for a whole day now, the download isn't taking long, but installing is. EDIT: The game was up to date until the last update. We find the most efficient solution with Bitraider deleting to fix Swtor How to Choose a Reliable Swtor Gold Shop for Swtor Patch ? 5. Author Topic: SwTor faster download speed! (Read times) , 45 PMĀ». Patch from today was done in no time, with this fix.

speed test and I should be getting a much faster download than i am rather not have this problem in the future when patching or whatever. Hey everyone,. Wanted to provide an update on my first Producer Roadmap, but getting it published is taking longer than I anticipated.

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