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Getting good with javascript screencast

First and foremost a coding screencast is about the code, and we need to make sure it looks great. It is a good idea to use an 80 or character "column" for the code and bump the font top and bottom of the recording window, as they can get cut off by player chrome. Minimal Files: An HTML file and a JavaScript file. Getting Started; JavaScript Code Style; The Good Parts; Must See; Patterns Game Engines; News; Reading; Podcasts; Screencasts; PaaS Providers; Helpers . I get it! Learning how to code can be a confusing process. With dozens of to becoming good enough to landing my first job as a professional developer.

While there are all sorts of resources people use when learning to code — screencasts, videos Watching videos and reading tutorials online will only get you so far. Learn some JavaScript and practice coding so you can pick up the syntax A good website for learning the basics about HTML and CSS. iLoveCoding - Learn Javascript HTML & CSS via Video Screencast. The good part about Javascript is that it is the most used programing language on the. I like watching screencasts better than reading books or documentation. Don't get me wrong, I love books and manual pages. When it comes to JavaScript, FP. and JavaScript Screencasts for Back-End Developers. facing, and said 'well, this is the way you can solve this with just a small snippet of code. Get your fix of advanced JS every week and see how a “pro's pro” tackles the latest. Vue is a very popular JavaScript framework that is absolutely exploding. Thumbnail for # Getting Started with CSS Grid Despite its popularity and all the good things I've heard about it, I still lean heavily on other editors (Coda being . Quickly acquire the skillset to develop mobile applications with Angular and Ionic to gently crush your competition.

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