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Gog galaxy location

I cannot find any option to change the default installation folder or to choose where to put a specific game as I install it through Galaxy, games. i coped TW3 to a SSD & am using that now, unfortuatenly i realized its not linked to galaxy, which still points to my old folder location. if i run. I would like the ability to choose the location where games install every time I Currently you have to go into Galaxy Settings, and manually navigate to the.

I can't find a way to configure where Gog Galaxy downloads files . "Download games": Apparently this is a place for temporary files for the. I found my screenshots in C:\Users\user\Documents\GOGGalaxy\Screenshots\ Grim Dawn, but when I open one of them - it is just a black screen. A Hat in Timein-game screenshot location(21 posts)(21 posts) . Documents> GOG Galaxy > Screenshots (but yeah,, thats for Galaxy app).

Changing the location of an installed programm. I don't know. However, you could contact GOG and ask for help with Galaxy and this task. Depends on the installer, it's kind of confusing. If a GOG installer is version 1.X.X ( older installer, but some games still use them), they go to. I've downloaded the Witcher 3 using the galaxy client. I've noticed too How can I move the "saved" location for the game in the galaxy beta?. Hi everyone. I'm posting this because I can't figure out how to set a personal download location for the Games and Extra files. In settings, I have.

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