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Vswitch controller virtual appliance

Deploying the vSwitch Controller Virtual Appliance. The XenServer that runs the vSwitch Controller must meet the following minimum requirements: • 2 CPUs. I began researching how to get that feature working only to discover that the required vSwitch Controller Virtual Appliance needed is nowhere. The Distributed vSwitch (DVS) Controller is provided by Citrix as package . To install the DVS Controller, import the supplied virtual appliance VM image.

By definition, the DVS Controller is a XenServer virtual appliance that controls multiple vSwitches. The vSwitch Controller supports fine-grained security policies . Searching the web for virtual appliances for XenServer usually is a bit of a Citrix vSwitch Controller Virtual Appliance, Citrix Virtual Switch for. What is a Distributed Virtual Switch Controller or DVSC? It is an appliance that allows us to make use of all the features we mentioned earlier.

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