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Firefox profile ( cleaner. Contribute to CHEF-KOCH/ cleaner development by creating an account on GitHub. Or, is there a general Firefox profile cleaner? You could create a new profile, and just migrate the file to your existing profile, which would reset all your . One thing that bothers me a lot in Firefox is how add-on uninstallations are handled. Many add-ons add preferences to the Firefox file in.

The new Firefox add-on Preferences Cleaner seems to offer that ships with a clean-up option to remove obsolete entries from the file. I made some changes to my profile which caused it to become corrupt and the programme to crash My Address book is still good so I assume. After deleting file Firefox does not create a new one. Firefox does not . setting for later. >run a registry cleaning program >Re install FF.

This leads to increasing size of after a few extension has 1. Do not offer cleaning prefs on extension disable event (FF version > ). But you may now done it easily through the Firefox Cleaner. 1. get the cleaner from 5pm Post. 2. Open any folder and enable hidden. Tool: Firefox Cleaner I would really love Firefox to be more strict about uninstalling it's addons. Just like Windows, when you uninstall an addon, it leaves. I've included the current Firefox as a text file, which you might like to Download AdwCleaner by Malwarebytes onto your Desktop.

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