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Git all tags

3 Answers. git tag to list tags used in the repo. git tag -l if you use the -l option you can pass a search pattern to filter out tags. List tags with names that match the given pattern (or all if no pattern is given). It's generally recommended that you create annotated tags so you can have all this information; but if you want a temporary tag or for some reason don't want to. -l; --list. List tags. With optional , e.g. git tag --list 'v-*', list only the tags that match the pattern(s). Running "git tag" without arguments also lists all tags.

Push all Git tags to a remote repository. Useful for keeping a fork up to date with the upstream repo. - Git stores annotated tags as full objects in the repository, which means they include the name, email, date, and have a message. Lightweight tags don't include all this additional information. Use the following commands to create, push, and perform other tagging options for Git repositories. Designating important points of the Git history. Creating Tags in GitKraken on commits is easy with the graph.

This section talks about the reference browser, which allows you to view and work with all refs (tags, branches, remote branches, stash and so on). It can be. Introduced in GitLab Protected Tags allow control over type and click Create wildcard. In the screenshot below, we chose to protect all tags matching v *. This week's Git Tip of the Week is about working with tags. describe against a branch using git describe --all, although this only makes sense. By default (without --all or --tags) git describe only shows annotated tags. For more information about creating annotated tags see the -a and -s options to.

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