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The MechMate is a sturdy, reliable, full-size CNC router that is ideal for cutting plywood and MDF on a continuous daily basis with little maintenance. Build your own MechMate CNC router with plans and forum. The MechMate: that's the big CNC router every maker wants! At least, a machine that should be included in every makerspace and Fablab.

What is a MechMate? It's an open sourc CNC machine in sizes up to 6' x 20' and 10 to 13 of Z. All the plans and support can be found at. MechMate CNC Router - Build your own with our detailed plans. 1 Decide where you want the pit (see Afraid To Ask). If you are installing the pit in an existing garage, mark out the hole and cut through the concrete with a.

MechMate (Strategic Partnership in the field of Mechatronics for innovative and smart growth of European manufacturing SMEs) is an Erasmus+ Strategic. (Australia is the only continent still to get one running Smiley) The website, with forum and free plans are at

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