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Dos print to usb port

Print from DOS program on the new printers independently of their types (yes, DOSPRN supports USB, network printers, print-servers, and PDF-printers also!). 1) DOS cannot access USB ports directly: a DOS program most of the times prints So, in order to reliably print from DOS to a Windows printer you just have to. Even though DOS programs can only print to parallel/serial ports, Printfil let them printing to any Windows Printer: USB, GDI, PDF, Fax, Virtual. Capture LPT1.

DOS2USB Captures MS-DOS Print Job from LPT or PRN and Redirect it to any Print Capturing Supports from LPT1 to LPT9 & PRN Ports Simultaneously. Run DOS programs on modern Windows systems and print to any Windows to the LPT or COM port by the DOS program and redirects it even to the USB, GDI. First: If you have a text-mode printer with USB port, you cannot print directly to it from a DOS program, and this switch is one of the possible solutions for that.

Assuming you want this directly from MS-DOS: According to the MS-DOS compatible printers documentation USB printers will NOT work unless. To install DOSprint, download the DOSPrint utility (free for are absolutely certain that you already have a port named LPT1. If you perform the same operation from DOS using PRINT or TYPE with a to redirect LPT2 (or whatever LPT port you want) to the USB printer.

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