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The order in which parts will be recovered will be described in this order: 1. Misao's Brain. 2. Misao's Head. 3. Misao's Arms. 4. Misao's Eyeballs. 5. Misao's Legs. Misao (English: [miˈsæʊ̯]; Japanese: [misa.o̞]) is the tragic heroine and titular character of the game. She is noted throughout the game as being friendless. Once you touch Kudoh's grave, you will appear in a scene where Misao is crying on a swing after being teased by a bully (Takeshi). Kudoh then appears from.

Saotome, (English:'sɑ̃əʊɾəmeɪː; Japanese: sɑ̃'ɔto̞mɛ) or "Otome", was a classmate of Aki and Misao. She was also the then-girlfriend of Tohma before he . Another of my childhood games! Wow. There are so many things to unlock in Misao that it's amazing, but it can leave you in the dark. This guide. Hello! Here I am to give you a quick overview of all the achievements you'll get through Misao, tips and hints to obtain all the endings in the.

Hey, been exploring through the game thoroughly for any clues as to how you prevent yourself from dying from the doctor after interacting with. So I have been checking out the search terms used to get to this blog and to my surprise it's about Misao. More on Misao's endings, getting. In this horror-adventure game, you must search for your missing classmate in a school plagued by unnatural phenomena. This new upgraded version of "Misao" .

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