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As the name says this Tool reduces the Warcraft 3 delay to a value between 10ms and ms, while the Warcraft 3 default is ms. The Warcraft 3 Delay Reducer or W3DR can be simply started to control the Delay of Warcraft 3 Games! Delay Reducer Installation. 6 (works with wc3 File name, W3DR v1. 26 kB. com) What are the Known issues with Warcraft III Delay Reducer - Warcraft 3 DR Download | Dota Warcraft 3. Warcraft III Delay Reducer or Warcraft 3 DR - is a tool that changes the delay from's default ms to whatever you want. Note: Windows 7/Vista users.

Delay Reducer for Warcraft III: TFT A. Allows DR (packet send delay) values between 10ms and ms (Warcraft III default is ). View the complete Dota 2 profile for w3dr on Dotabuff. Warcraft delay reducer download. Click here to get file. How to download wot world of tank. How to download delay reducer for warcraft iii dota fore free!.

W3DR Pantanggal Delay, pwede sa LAN. Mao in am gamit la dapat an mayda delay reducer. DOWNLOAD Dota Delay Reducer .

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