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Batman aa save game

Default folder: Eidos\Batman Arkham Asylum\SaveData\. Language: English. Difficulty level: . Version of the game: Retail. Third party. -Hi guys,i finished game at % for really long time ago,i reinstalled my PC for 2 times after that,so i lost my Save Game files. I get idea to download someone's. [PC] Batman: Arkham Asylum savegame. Publisher: Eidos Interactive Developer: Rocksteady Type: Action. Description: Batman: Arkham.

Savegame for Batman Arkham Asylum The game passed by %!. – Full story passed part – Complete all tests – Find all the puzzles. Installation. There are autosave points spread all throughout the game, and every time you cross one the game will save for you. This counts for retreading your steps as well. For Batman: Arkham Asylum on the PC, GameFAQs has game information and a community message board for game discussion.

Long story short, completed the game till that chasing harley part and then I exited, now for some reason i started the game today and the game. HiI have just finished the story mode of batman arkham asylum and it shows its still 69 I tried doing that but as the games is over, its kinda too.

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