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Dc universe online patch stuck

When I download the game, the launcher gets stuck everytime and http://dcuo. Launchpad is stuck or won't download In most cases of connection issues, the router is either blocking the ports needed to patch and play our games or is. May be a problem with your internet. I just downloaded this three days ago and I started the download then went to sleep. It was finished by the morning time.

For DC Universe Online on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message ps3 and router just have some patience, or just restart when it gets stuck. I bet some dude bricked his router trying to figure out why this patch wasn't. This should fix the problem and if this game works on mac sorry if i didn't help if you even have this problem. Problem: Launcher stuck at the black screen. Google keywords DCUO launcher fixes and you'll get multiple. DC Universe Online > General Discussions > Topic Details. RED No worse than updating EQ after 5 years of not playing. I got up, went to work, My installer is stuck at Installing 5, MB of 5, MB (%). I already.

If you're just getting started with DCUO on Xbox One, please read through this FAQ. If there are questions you have not answered here, please. DC Universe Online is action based DC comics spin off exploring several Worlds of Before they release a quick patch to fix all the issues, you can refer to our . 21# Can't Enter Server – Stuck – After Selecting the Character.

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