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Hellboy novels

Officially, the canon prose stories are: Hellboy: The Lost Army. The Nuckelavee (from Hellboy: Odd Jobs) Hellboy: The Bones of Giants. Hellboy: The Dragon Pool. The Promised Smile (from Hellboy: An Assortment of Horrors) The Other Side of Summer (from Hellboy: An Assortment of Horrors). In addition to the comics, the Hellboy Universe is also explored in a line of prose novels. Hellboy: The Lost Army, Hellboy: The Bones of Giants, Hellboy. Hellboy Novels Book Series (10 Books) Hellboy: The Ice Wolves Hellboy: Bones of Giants by Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden (December 18, ).

The events of both these novels are listed in the comic's official timeline featured in Hellboy: The Companion. Fictional character - Powers and abilities - Publication history - In other media. Hellboy: Novels Book Series. #1. Hellboy: The Lost Army. Christopher Golden, Mike Mignola. #2. Hellboy: The Bones of Giants. Christopher Golden. #3. Hellboy: On Earth as It Is in Hell. Brian Hodge. #4. Hellboy: Unnatural Selection. Tim Lebbon. #5. Hellboy: The God Machine. #6. Hellboy: The Dragon Pool. #7. Hellboy. What are Hellboy, B.P.R.D. and that Mignolaverse? . Hellboy: Into The Silent Sea – It's a new graphic novel by Gary Gianni that takes place.

Series: Hellboy graphic novels Hellboy in Hell Volume 1: The Descent by Mike Mignola, 1. Hellboy in Hell Volume 2: Death Card by Mike Mignola, 2. Hellboy. I tried reading "Lost Army" a couple years ago, and I actually couldn't finish it. Clearly the author could get Hellboy, as the fight between HB and. As the final Hellboy comic is published, Mike Mignola discusses how he your medium now, like your cover paintings for the Hellboy novels?.

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