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Installation of wood roofing shingles

But installing cedar roof shingles — and shingles made of similar materials — isn' t a do-it-yourself project. Wood shingles deliver incredible longevity when. Roof installation. Using the Right Nails. First be sure to use rust-resistant nails to nail down wood shingles. Nails must be long enough to go mm (1/2 in.). New Roof Construction Manual. Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau. History. This manual is intended for use with Western. Red Cedar and Alaskan Yellow Cedar.

Installation, Care and Maintenance of Wood Shake and Shingle Roofs .pdf); Installation, Care and Maintenance of Wood Shake and Shingle Siding .pdf). Wood shingle & wood shake roof installation specifications: This wood roof article describes the slope and exposure requirements for wood shake or wood. Watkins is your valuable resource for installing Western Red Cedar Shake and Shingles.

You will use the same installation techniques, although on a smaller scale. Cedar shingles will last for decades before they need the roof with. installation, finishing, and maintenance of wood shake and shingle roofs. The authors have gathered information from a variety of sources: research publications.

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