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Child of our time

Child of Our Time is a documentary commissioned by the BBC, co-produced with the Open University and presented by Robert Winston. It follows the lives of In the year the BBC embarked on a ground-breaking project – to follow the lives of 25 babies born in the UK. At 16, these children of our time are almost. Professor Robert Winston catches up with the children as they turn 2/2 The teens give access to their digital lives, with a 24/7 window into their phone use. 1/2 Teenagers' changing brains mean what they choose at 16 can shape their lives forever.

Ah yes, Child of Our Time (BBC1), the documentary that tracks the development of 25 British children born in the year It's like the brilliant. Lord Winston first met the 25 children from Child of Our Time 17 years ago. The experiment involved introducing viewers to a group of babies. To find out how growing up in the modern, digital world is shaping them, the Child of Our Time teenagers gave us unfettered access to their phones. In our.

With Robert Winston, Alex Cutting. Hosted by Professor Robert Winston, this BBC television project started in the year and will follow the lives of twenty-five. BBC1's latest series of A Child Of Our Time, which has followed the lives of 25 children since their birth in , reveals a positive view of the.

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