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Python packages

Such a file is called a module; definitions from a module can be imported into other modules or into the main module (the collection of variables that you have. Starting with Python , Implicit Namespace Packages were introduced. These allow for the creation of a package without any file. Of course, it can still be present if package initialization is needed. But it is no longer required. Python Modules: Overview - The import Statement - Python Packages. Packages are namespaces which contain multiple packages and modules themselves. They are simply directories, but with a twist. Each package in Python is a directory which MUST contain a special file called

In particular, packages should make it easy: To install with pip or easy_install. To specify as a dependency for another package. For other users to download. Python module/package names should generally follow the following constraints: All lowercase; Unique on pypi, even if you don't want to make your package. What is a Module? Consider a module to be the same as a code library. A file containing a set of functions you want to include in your application.

In this article, you'll learn to divide your code base into clean, efficient modules using Python packages. Also, you'll learn to import and use your own or third. Relation between modules and packages. Introduction into creating Python packages. The Python Package Index, abbreviated as PyPI and also known as the Cheese Shop is the official third-party software repository for Python. It is analogous to.

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