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Discreet plasma 3d

Until recently, Web developers could create 3D Flash (SWF) content (such as 3D logos, animations, characters, and interfaces for the Web) using a simple, inexpensive tool such as Electric Rain's Swift 3D ($), or a massively complex, high-end tool like Discreet's 3DS Max ($ Discreet identified this issue and the result is plasma – the world's first full- featured 3D animation package built specifically for Web 3D. Plasma is a brand new 3D program, but it also comes with a solid heritage. The tool is based on Discreets very expensive program 3ds max.

Discreet Announces plasma -- The First Professional 3D Animation Software Tool Designed Specifically for Web Artists and Designers. Discreet has finally released the much-awaited 3D content creation solution for the Web. You can actually call it a scaled down version of their most popular 3D. The company claims that although Plasma relies on Discreet's core 3D technology (for example, 3ds max), it is not a "lite" version of 3ds max, but rather is.

At the NAB show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Discreet announced plasma -- its professional 3D animation software for creating 3D content for. COM. To add 3-D pizzazz to your home page, look no further than Discreet's plasma——an outgrowth of Discreet's longstanding 3-D development tool 3ds Max. Shout 3D avoids the requirement for a plugin. One first produces 3D models with some other tool such as Discreet Plasma lsee Table I l, and then imports.

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