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Owncloud timeout

I have been struggling with connection timeout problems for several weeks now and tried to follow many of the suggestions which were posted. I have installed OwnCloud and have had trouble implementing a 10 minute session time-out which is required by our security officer. Hey guys, I'm using ownCloud for a while. Since 4 days I can't access my owncloud due to timeout errors. I just changed nothing. I can't.

This sets the SMTP server timeout, in seconds. You may need to increase this if you are running an anti-malware or spam scanner. 'mail_smtpsecure' => ''. Hi, I edited the file as well as php,ini of the site with optimal values as suggested by owncloud manual pages, however still uploading. If you see PHP timeouts in your logfiles, increase the timeout values, which are it in your Apache config or raise the configured RequestReadTimeout timeouts.

The problem I'm facing is that when I try to sync using the client it works for around GB and then gives an connection Timeout error. Google was no help with this. I get this error on sync one folder. There is no clue why this happens right now. Nothing changed. I have only. Steps to reproduce Synchronize files with the owncloud client Expected behaviour The synchronization finished in a correct fashion. The problem turned out to be the default owncloud client setting for "timeout". The solution is to increase this parameter, e.g. timeout=

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