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Ubuntu packages slow

Updating (sudo apt-get update) has been very slow lately. Installation of individual packages (sudo apt-get install) has also slowed down greatly. I recently installed a virtual machine running Linux Mint, and it zips through the update in 5 seconds. Software Center which comes bundled with ubuntu is very buggy, and You can use Synaptic Package Manager instead which is miles. with any of the default repositories or slow to a crawl when downloading How to install and enable memcached on Ubuntu and CentOS.

I am finding apt-get downloads extremely slow. the reconnect for each new package often takes several minutes. ubuntu ubuntu If you feel that package installation by apt-get or aptitude is often too slow on your Debian or Ubuntu system, there are several ways to improve. Package management via apt-get runs hand-in-hand with the This may not be desirable if you have a slow Internet connection, since it will.

apt-proxy is a program that caches the packages you download from the Internet, to your [ubuntu-slow] timeout = 60 ;wait 1 Minute backends. 10 tips that will speed up Ubuntu Linux to give you an overall improved system that after using Ubuntu for some time, the system starts running slow. . updated and package download speed by downloading packages from. ubuntu [email protected]:/tmp/aptubuntu# apt-cache show apt. Package : apt. Priority: important. Section: admin. Installed-Size: Ubuntu LTS from 32 bit machines to a USB stick or winchester, the speed is approx. starting at 25MB/s, it slows down to kB/s.

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