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Black butler tik tok parody

Read Kuroshitsuji Tic Tok Parody. (Lyrics) from the story Black Butler Quotes by Ghostly_Foxx (Kira) with reads. claudefaustus, sebastianmichaelis, ciel. Read Tik tok parody black butler from the story lyrics by petobear (SuperCuteKat) with reads. songs, nickiminaj, katyperry. Wake up in the. Read Ciel is Mad (Tik Tok parody) from the story Black Butler Funny Momentz by Dragon_Girl_57 (I want a dragon) with 81 reads. anime, random, funny. This is.

Author's Note: As always I do now own Kuroshitsuji. This is an edit from the original parody song by The Midnight Beast feat. Stefan. I hope you.

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