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Dillinger is dead 1969

A man decides to cook for himself, but finds the revolver of John Dillinger hidden Michel Piccoli in Dillinger Is Dead () Anita Pallenberg and Michel Piccoli. Dillinger Is Dead (Italian: Dillinger è morto) is a Italian drama directed by Marco Ferreri. It stars Michel Piccoli, Anita Pallenberg and Annie Girardot. A surreal political missive about social malaise, Dillinger Is Dead (Dillinger è morto) finds absurdity in the mundane. It is a singular experience, both illogical and.

This offbeat combination of reality and fantasy finds Glauco (Michel Piccoli) returning home from his job as an industrial engineer to find his wife (Anita. In this magnificently inscrutable late-sixties masterpiece, Marco Ferreri, one of European cinema's most idiosyncratic auteurs, takes us through the looking glass . but the serenely bristling Dillinger Is Dead is easily his best film. is our guide in a nightlong tour through the atrophied surfaces of

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