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Job descriptive index questionnaire

Think of the majority of people with whom you work or meet in connec- tion with your work. How well does each of the following words or phrases describe these . For more than 50 years, the Job Descriptive Index and related scales have been continually developed and refined by the university's noted Job Descriptive. The Job Descriptive Index: Newly Updated and Available for Download. Christopher J. Lake, Purnima Gopalkrishnan, Michael T. Sliter, and Scott Withrow.

The Questionnaire. Demographic Data. Job Descriptive Index. Hoppock Measure of. Satisfaction. Analytic Methods. Correla tion Ana lysis. 25 items The Job Descriptive Index (JDI) is a item instrument designed to . a single- item questionnaire in order to study the relationship between job burnout. Based on JDI(job descriptive index) we assess employees job satisfaction in survey for job satisfaction.i downloaded jdi questionnaire( revision).but i.

Job Descriptive Index (JDI): Reliability and validity study in. Greece . based their results on questionnaires completed by the employees themselves. This view. INFLUENCING JOB SATISFACTION USING JOB DESCRIPTIVE INDEX Index questionnaire which are job, pay, promotion opportunity, supervision and.

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