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Minecraft redstone challenge map

This is the So You Think You Know Redstone Challenge. In this challenge you will face 4 stages Gold Emerald Diamond and Obsidian. This a Walkthrough of the redstone challenge Download map now! The Minecraft Project, Sethblings redstone Challenge, was posted by TheFirebug. Complete the redstone puzzles to get to the end of the map and 0 EB Not a real challenge for expert redstoners, more just redstone placed.

Redstone for Beginners - The Final Challenge Map / for Minecraft is a puzzle map created by supercat This map is an. Hello everybody! and welcome to my challenge of your intelect! This is a fairly simple map (for now) where i give you more than enough tools to. Build your very own redstone world! This will allow you to connect your redstone devices to a database. Use the database to turn on and off your devices.

Hey Guys before you start playing realize that this is my first map and if it gets good ratings i Welcome to Minecraft Maps! to a Redstone Challenge things are all well until the mysterious wizard accidentally pushes a button.

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