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The cpuset filesystem is a pseudo-filesystem interface to the kernel cpuset mechanism, which is used to control the processor placement and memory placement. The cpuset subsystem assigns individual CPUs and memory nodes to cgroups. Each cpuset can be specified according to the following parameters, each one in . Why are cpusets needed? How are cpusets implemented? What are exclusive cpusets? What is memory_pressure? What is memory.

cpuset is an important concepts in linux system and is created to provide a mechanism to assign a set of cpus and mem nodes to a set of tasks. Specifies whether the memory nodes specified by are exclusively allocated to this CPU set and cannot be shared with other CPU sets. The default . Cpusets constrain the CPU and Memory placement of tasks to only. the resources cpusets and which CPUs and Memory Nodes are assigned to each cpuset.

The target may be specified as a command, process id, thread id, a cpuset id, an irq, a jail id, or a NUMA domain. Using -g the target's set id or mask may be. Linux kernel Cpusets are logical, hierarchical groupings of CPUs and units of memory. Once created, individual processes can be placed within a cpuset.

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